Holsten Cranberry flavour is the crisp and flavourful malt beverage with the delicious taste of cranberries. Its unrivalled flavour means you simply can’t get enough



Holsten Pomegranate flavour is the awesome malt beverage that’s packed with a whole lot of amazing flavour. No other taste comes close.

Black Grape

Holsten Black Grape flavour is the exotic malt beverage that’s tremendously good right from the first sip. Craving something tropical and mouthwatering? Here you go!

Best served over ice for maximum happiness… enjoy!


Holsten Classic flavour is the ultimate refreshing malt beverage that’s premium and incredibly tasty. It’s that original delicious taste that you can’t find anywhere else.



Holsten Apple flavour strikes the perfect blend between sour and sweet. Its outstanding taste makes it the ultimate refreshing choice in every possible way.



Holsten Strawberry flavour Brings all the colour and aroma of fresh strawberries in a bottle; a clean, sweet sensation in the mouth and a most appetising, and rich foam



Holsten Mojito gives you the highly refreshing combination of lime and mint alongside all the goodness of the malt.