Holsten is a premium non-alcoholic malt beverage. Since its birth in 1879, the Holsten trademark, defended by the Holsten Knight, has been a symbol of superior quality.

Holsten was first available in the Middle East region in 1985 with the first import of Holsten Classic. Ever since, we have strived to refresh the people of the Middle East with innovative, highly refreshing and easy drinkable flavours.

Holsten is brewed from the finest ingredients and under German tradition to guarantee superior quality in every drop. Holsten is available in 7 delicious flavours, so whatever mood you are in, we have a flavour for you. Whether you are looking for a thirst quencher during a hot day or watching football with your friends in the evening, Holsten is the perfect match.

The latest addition to the Holsten family is the Holsten Mojito flavour. The taste of Mojito is a crisp and cool drink that gives you the highly refreshing combination of lime alongside the goodness of the malt.

Holsten. The Taste of Personality.

Holsten’s Football Heritage

Holsten has a long tradition within football, being a proud sponsor and official partner of major tournaments for the past several years. These tournaments include the EURO championship in Poland and Ukraine in 2012 and in France in 2016 as well as the British Barclays Premier League from 2013 to 2015.

Football is inevitably key to Holsten’s DNA and is the perfect companion for social bonding, celebrating the unforgettable moments. No matter where you are, whom you cheer for, whom you are with, Holsten completes your football experience.

Holsten is the no. 1 choice to enjoy when watching football with friends, who are passionate about and cheering for football. Holsten brings excitement into the game, elevating the experience to a whole other level.

The Game Starts with Holsten!